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Blanks By RE

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Blanks By RE is a brand new hot pink holographic fine cut glitter. Her namesake is our Jojo, who is an incredibly talented maker who uses Crystalac. She also makes all kinds of apparel, including some of our Sparkles Merch hoodies and aprons, that are definitely worth going over to have a look at. She supplies us with high quality Blanks for our arty needs and is very approachable should you need a blank she doesn’t have. She Also stocks Rhinestones, Tumbler attachments/inserts for our turners, Tumbler stands, temporary Tattoos, tumbler Fabric cuts and more. To watch Jo’s tutorials join our Sparkles Facebook group, but also don’t sleep on her blanks group where you get a glimpse into the behind the scenes work, her work, her talented group members work and sneak previews of up and coming products.

Links below Sparkles family group Blanks by Rhinestone Empire Group shop at Blanks By Rhinestone Empire